Facing a chronic health condition, e.g. diabetes, digestive issues, obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc. or you simply want to lose weight?  Can't decide where to go for help?  Maybe your primary care physician or an alternative medicine practitioner (e.g. Functional Medicine Practitioner) or perhaps a Nutritionist?  Did you know...95% of Primary Care Physicians...

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Are you trying to lose weight, again? Do you struggle with gut or digestion-related issues such as bloating, GERD a.k.a. acid reflux, IBS, diarrhea, constipation, 'leaky gut' or seemingly unrelated...excessive fatigue?  Are you ready to make lifestyle changes but you're not sure how to get started? 

Many Primary Care Physicians as well as Functional & Alternative Medicine Practitioners have seen the benefits of starting their patients off with a qualified Nutrition Counselor, Nutritionist or       Health Coach.  Why is that?  Consider this... 

Did you know...

  • s.i.m.p.l.e 7 nutrition is the 1st step to help you achieve your health goals, affordably
  • As a Health Coach trained in the principles of Functional Medicine, you will receive comprehensive nutrition, lifestyle, and environmental coaching, guidance & support
  • Your health goals are approached systematically...one s.i.m.p.l.e step at a time! 
  • Appointments are one-on-one, personalized and confidential
  • Appointments are simple!  We meet at my office, your home or office or via phone or Skype

Did you know...

  • 95% of Primary Care Physicians believe nutrition plays a major role in treating or managing chronic disease
  • 73% of Medical schools do not teach nutrition courses
  • 75% of Physicians do not feel they have enough knowledge to discuss nutrition with their patients

Did you know...

  • While most Health Coaches, Nutritionist & Health Care programs focus on the 'Dietary' component, Health Care Professionals trained in the principles of Functional Nutrition also     include 3 additional components:  Lifestyle, Environmental & Genetic, the major players.                                 

Did you know...

  • Functional Medicine Practitioners (My choice for 'Alternative Medicine Practitioner') will typically spend 1.5 to 2 hours with their patients on the 1st visit, typically at a cost of $550-$750+  (https://www.functionalmedicine.org)
  • Functional Medicine Practitioners typically begin by making an appointment for you with a 'Nutritionist', Health Coach or Nutrition Counselor (Typically at a cost of $95 per hour)

But what is Functional Nutrition?  Functional Nutrition follows the Principles of Functional Medicine to help you to achieve Optimal Health, (including weight loss)!  How? 

"Functional Medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms...looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex, chronic disease.  Functional Medicine incorporates the latest in genetic science, systems biology, and understanding of how environmental and lifestyle factors influence the emergence and progression of disease.

The Environmental Component:  We are all exposed daily to an increased amount of environmental toxins.  From the air we breathe to the foods we eat.  Is there a connection between:

With the increase in ObesityDepression, AnxietyAutoimmune Diseases & Fatigue Functional Medicine will help you to systematically uncover the underlying cause/s of your health concerns! 

In the s.i.m.p.l.e 7 approach we will work together, Health Coach & 'Star Athlete' to get to the cause of your health problems.  We will explore the Dietary, Environmental, Lifestyle & Genetic contributors! Knowledge truly will give you the power to reach your health-related goals!    (Click each letter in the left column above to read more about each step). 

Ready to work toward Optimal Health and/or weight loss?  Call & schedule an appointment today.  We make it simple: your home or office or my New Milford or Danbury location or via Skype!                (Health Savings Accounts accepted!)

               Still unsure?  Check out the video below & you'll be convinced!

Overall, I thought your presentation was inspiring. Environmental toxins are an important part of what I talk to patients about...With the topic of epigenetics becoming more prevalent in the medical literature, the role of chemical exposure, especially prenatally, is even more poignant. Thank you!
— D. D., MD (Pediatrician)
I thought your presentation was great! It was completely different than what I expected the content to be. I thought it was going to be about how to eat right, losing weight etc. I like the approach you take by showing the clients how environmental hazards can affect their health and increase specific diseases.
— Jen, MS, LPC
I thought the presentation was great! It’s really gotten me thinking. I was aware of GMO’s and pesticides, but things that are everyday items we have contact with were some of the things I learned that were completely new to me.
— Elaine, LSCW

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