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7 Organs & Body Systems: When to do a Detox?   

The mitochondria, digestion & the immune systems, the liver & kidneys, as well as the the skin & the lymph system are connected with weight loss, digestive health and fatigue.  When these organs & body systems are functioning optimally weight loss, digestive health & energy follows.  Environmental, Lifestyle & Dietary components contribute to health, for good or for bad.

Certain environmental, lifestyle and dietary factors affect the mitochondria, digestion & the immune system, the liver & kidneys, the skin & the lymph system.  What can we do to support these body systems and organs?  What can we do to make sure they are working optimally?  Why should we wait to do a 'detox' until after these systems are functioning well? 

There are two main reasons:  If your body's detox systems are compromised, a detox program can add to your health issues.  Also when you are knowingly or unknowingly adding to your 'bucket' or to your    body burden, doing a detox will be like trying to bail out water from a boat without having closed the hole!  Once you've incorporated dietary, lifestyle & environmental changes you have closed up the entrances!  You have stopped filling the bucket!  Now is the time to incorporate a safe, detox program!   

Make an appointment and see how s.i.m.p.l.e it can be to improve the function of these 7 organs & body systems getting you closer to Optimal Health! 

      Remember: You are replacing a lifetime of habits!  You can do it! 

I'm here to help!

                                 Optimal Health to You!