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To help you to reach your health goals s.i.m.p.l.e 7 nutrition offers One-on-One, personalized appointments covering the dietary, lifestyle and environmental changes necessary to achieve your health goals. 
In-Home-Toxin Audit is the easiest way to rid your home environment of the toxins contributing to many chronic, health issues.  Free Introductory Seminars available throughout the year. 

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaching

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Personalized, One-on-One Appointments

  • As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach I will help to make a difference in your life. I will provide you with crucial support and guidance if you're recovering from chronic illness or simply wishing to improve your overall health and well-being. As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, I will demystify the path to thriving by helping you craft and stay on a well-designed plan. I will help you to be able to evaluate progress as you work toward your goals. I will be your ally providing you with support, compassion and accountability and at the same time inspiring you to reach a state of optimal wellness faster and better than you could do on your own.

  • Personalized, One-on-One, appointments scheduled at your home, office, or via Zoom.

Elimination Diet & Detox Support

  • Has your Functional Medicine Practitioner prescribed the Elimination Diet for you? Has someone you known gone on the Whole 30 or some other Elimination type diet? Have you been told that many people have been helped with digestive issues, brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, sleep issues, hot flashes as well as anxiety and depression? Does it seem too daunting to tackle alone? Are you a bit overwhelmed as to where to start? Why not partner with me, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, trained with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy to support you and guide you through potential obstacles & challenges? Why go it alone?

  • Dietary Detox: In addition to learning how much of which foods you should be eating, it's never been more important than it is today to ask yourself: how 'clean' are the foods I'm choosing? And why does it really matter? What 'messages' are the foods I'm eating sending to my cells?

  • Lifestyle Detox: Many of today's lifestyle habits have a direct bearing on our overall health & so should therefore be addressed. How's your sleep, are you getting enough? How do you deal with stress? Do you get rest time? family, friend & fun time? Time for movement or exercise? Will improving any or all of these really help to improve your health?

  • Environmental detox: We can't control the air we breathe outdoors but we spend many hours a day breathing the indoor air in our homes & workplaces. What are you breathing in while you work, sleep, cook, relax, bathe, etc.? How does this air contribute directly to your health issues? Did you know that in-home air contamination is linked to infertility, asthma, allergies, migraines, cancer? Is there something you can do to improve your indoor air & your health? And what about the personal-care products you're using on your body, your skin, the largest organ of the body? Or 'cleaning' products? Are these products possibly contributing directly to your health issues?

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(Affordable, personalized sessions: $70.00 per 1 hour appointment)   

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Group Classes

Are you the 'do-it yourself' type of person?  Then try the group classes.  In the 1st class, S is for starting out, you will learn how to determine your personal health goals, whether they be weight loss or simply better health. 

The s.i.m.p.l.e. 7 program will cover The Environmental, Dietary, Lifestyle & Genetic factors necessary to create health.

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What do past students say about the classes? 

'Surprising', 'well researched' and 'fascinating'! 


  Convenient Class Locations: Danbury, New Milford or Join from your computer, iPad or iPhone!  

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**($150 for all 7 Classes)

In-Home Toxin Audit   

There's nothing like this if your goal is 'Optimal Health'.  Detailed, room by room, product by product review investigating the sources of toxins in your kitchen, bath, bedroom & home!  You also receive suggestions for 'clean', replacement products as well as where to find them!   

Did you know that in-home air contamination is linked to infertility, asthma, allergies, migraines, cancer?  Living in an increasingly more contaminated world it has never been more important for our health & for the health of families to discover, eliminate & replace the products contributing to many of today's chronic diseases. These are changes you can make if your goal is 'Optimal Health'!       (Call, text or email for pricing.  Typical home: 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, 1,600 sq. ft.)                              

Our goal for You:  'Optimal Health' 

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