Clean living is at the heart of the s.i.m.p.l.e 7 nutrition approach.  Well- researched articles will help keep you informed with the connection between toxins and the relationship with your health.   


I would like to welcome you to the 1st, simple.clean-living.movement Blog.  Of course, being as this is the introductory blog you will find it rather lengthy.  But don’t worry!  ALL of the blogs will be SHORT!  Because they are part of the…  



What is the simple.clean-living.movement Blog?

We live in a world that each day is becoming more complex, more fast-paced, more difficult to navigate.  With the advent of computers, mobile phones, mobile apps, e-mail, twitter, linked-in, pinterest, i-phones, smart phones, i-Pads, tablets, etc. we have lots of information being thrown at us all the many things vying for our time.  Even if we try to be 'disconnected'  we find ourselves being drawn back in checking emails, texts, facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc! 

 But if you are among those of us trying to gain control I assure you we can slow down our pace, happiness can be achieved and life really enjoyed with some basic, simple adjustments.  These 'changes' will help to bring back balance and happiness.  Join the movement!   The Blog will guide you on the road to simplicity.  How?  By focusing on these 4 elements:

'simple': whether it's the food we eat, the entertainment we choose, the lifestyle we live, we can choose to make it 'simple'!  That's part of the movement!

'clean':  Our environment is becoming increasingly unclean.  But whether it's our food or our indoor air, our cleaning or personal care products, or any other product we can choose to make them clean, toxin free!  That's part of the movement!

'living': So many of us are running from one event to another. Whether working, home care, fun, or duties we can slow down by choosing to focus on what really matters.  Would you change your life if you knew you had little time left? Living means really connecting with friends, family & community.  Focusing on others!  Make the choice. Join the movement!

'movement': We've become a rather sedentary society.  We work at desks with little movement.  Children aren't safe running in the woods or at the beach or in the mountains unsupervised like in the past.  So we have to find opportunities to Move!  Parking farther away, taking the stairs, biking as you watch TV.  

It's all part of the 'movement'!     


So, let’s start off with a question.  Not a particularly difficult question:     When did life become soooo complicated?? 

Looking back at what life was like for ‘gramma’, my husband’s gramma that is, life meant lots of hard work.  There were cows to milk and butter to make and hay to bale and chickens to feed, and workers to feed and food to preserve, etc.  But it wasn’t complicated.  What do I mean by ‘complicated’?  Let’s look at just one example. 

 Let’s say you wanted to eat cereal, you know, breakfast cereal, during the 1920’s.  There were 7 cereals introduced during that decade: Armour’s Corn Flakes, E.C. Cornflakes, Kellogg’s Crumbled Bran Cereal, Shredded Crumble Cereal & Whole Wheat Bisquit Cereal; Quaker’s Muffets Shredded Wheat Cereal, & Quakies Cereal.  (

 During the 1930’s 3 were introduced:  Coco Wheat Cereal from Little Crow, Nabisco Shredded Wheat & Quaker Crackels. (

 And during the 1940’s 2: Quaker’s Puffed Rice Sparkies Cereal & Puffed Wheat Sparkies Cereal.

 But today if you want to buy breakfast cereal what choices are you faced with?  On just one website I counted 47 cereals just starting with the letter ‘S’.  I am not kidding!!!  And do you remember Cheerios, introduced on May 1, 1941 as CheeriOats, but later changed to Cheerios in 1945?  There are 20 different types of Cheerios!  (

 So I think you understand when I ask the question: when did life become sooo complicated?  It’s not so much about having choices but rather sifting through all the contradictory statements, determining on what basis to make an ‘informed’ choice!  Are any of these cereals really good for me and my family?  Do we have to sort through each and every one to determine how that choice will affect us? 

 But some of you may be saying: variety is the spice of life.  And I agree.  We all like variety.  But what happens when you have to make the choice between low-fat, no-fat, all fat, low salt, no salt, low sugar, no sugar, low fiber, no fiber, low saturated, no saturated, no trans-fats, low trans-fats???  You get the picture.  If you are like me just reading those choices made you ANXIOUS!  And anxious we have become.  It leaves us trying to sort through the many contradictory ‘health’ statements so as to make ‘informed’ choices.  What is the bottom line?  Too many choices with so many things demanding our time and energy. 

 And that’s just it!  We are not talking just about ‘healthy’ food choices.  We are also bombarded with other choices for things demanding our time.  Entertainment, exercise, family time, me time, work deadlines…

 I agree.  I too live the crazy life of today.  But unlike most people I discovered that I really do have control over the choices I make.  And just as I made some choices that contributed to a crazier life I also chose to do something about it, in order to live a simpler life. 

 So now take a breath…(actually 7 deep breaths, hold 7 seconds) and get ready for: 

                                                       The simple.clean-living.movement blog! 

Dietary. Environment. Lifestyle: These are areas of your life that you can take control of!  They may currently feel like they have gotten out of control.  But step by step you will learn: How to slow down…How to make ‘healthy’ food choices.  How to choose to maintain a ‘clean’ in-home environment.  How much is enough movement or exercise, sleep, rest and play time.  How our choices complicate or simplify our life!  And, of course, WHY we should care!   You may not feel ready yet but be prepared because these little changes will make a difference!   

                                                     So Why???   simple.clean-living.movement 

This movement was really born from a combination of studies, ideals & ideas.  Have you ever heard of the Blue Zones?  The Blue Zones are areas identified throughout the world where people typically live to a hundred (or more) healthy & happy!  Sardinia, Italy; Loma Linda, California; Okinawa, JapanNicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; (Icaria, Greece: 90 year olds) But they don’t live to a hundred in nursing homes or sickly or dependent on others to feed, bathe, and dress them as in ‘modern society’.  These are people who still ride bikes, water-ski, work in their fields, and who are actively engaged in society.  What do all these individuals have in common?  What factors were identified as contributing to centenarian living? 

·       Community & Family

·       A sense of Purpose

·       Daily Body Movement

·       A predominantly Plant-based diet

·       Rest and/or relaxation

·       Faith-Based Society

All of these factors are choices, choices that have to do with ‘quality of life’.  And whether you realize it or not they are choices that you too can make to improve your quality of life. 

The simple.clean-living.movement blog will be incorporating these factors into each blog.  You’ll receive practical suggestions on:

·       Where to begin & how to make changes for ‘simple’ living

·       How to avoid everyday exposures to toxins & replacement solutions to live ‘clean’

·       How & why to ‘connect’ with family, community & with yourself to really enjoy ‘living’

·       Simple ways to incorporate ‘movement’ into your daily life

·       How others are making changes & the benefits derived

·       How & why to be part of the movement, the ‘simple.clean-living.movement’


So join us each month.  Each month?  Yes, each month.  Being that I have ‘chosen’ to incorporate these very same factors into my life my goal will be:

·       Blog the first of each month.  (Twice when I have T.I.M.E.) Read in a future Blog

·       I will be making time for family, friends, community & me

·       I will be pursuing my ‘purpose’…my reason for waking up each morning

·       I will continue to include exercise/movement into my daily life

·       I will be including plant-based, paleo & traditional recipes into my facebook page

·       I will try to incorporate at least 20 minutes of rest, meditation or study daily

·       I will continue to daily strengthen my faith


In additional, each month, I will choose one of your questions and post the researched answer in the blog.  (I love reading & investigating those scientific ‘studies’)

 And what about the things gramma knew and science confirmed?  We’ll cover them in each blog.  Did gramma eat grains and legumes?  Is meat the answer to a healthier you?  What was different about gramma’s butter?  Is saturated fat really to be avoided?  And if so, by whom?  And what about exercise/movement?  How did gramma ‘chat’.  Did gramma belong to a gym? 

I am very excited to be able to share in this movement with all of you, those of you interested in making this a way of life…simple living, really living, clean-living.  Yes, to be part of the