Clean living is at the heart of the s.i.m.p.l.e 7 nutrition approach.  Well- researched articles will help keep you informed with the connection between toxins and the relationship with your health.   

July 2015 TEST Your Knowledge

General Food Intake Knowledge 

Question                                                                                                           Option 1                 Option 2

1. How many grams of fiber is recommended daily?                                             25-35 grams            40-45 grams

2. Americans consume about how many grams of fiber?                                       15 grams                 5 grams

3. Which food has more fiber?                                                                             1 C. raspberries      1 C black beans

4. Which fat should not be used for cooking?                                                        Corn oil                   Butter

5. How many oz. of protein is recommended daily?                                               6 ounces                 8 ounces

6. Which of these is a Carb?                                                                                 Pizza                       Orange

7. How many Americans consume the daily servings?                                             1 in 4                      1 in 10

8. Which fruit contains the most amount of pesticides?                                         Apples                    Strawberries

9. Which vegetable contains the most pesticides?                                                 Celery                     Cucumbers

10.  The ‘Magic’ number of servings of fruit & vegetables                                      5                              7-9

     to reduce ‘all-cause’ mortality?