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Are You Still Afraid of Eating & Cooking with FAT?


So You're Eating Avocado & Coconut Oil, the 'Good Fats'

But...'No Meat or Dairy Fat?
Are All Fats Created Equal?

Is Fat Really Causing High Cholesterol & Heart Disease?

Which Fats Should We Fear?

  Read 7 Reasons not to Fear All Fat!


Did You Know...

  •  Saturated fats (SFA's) do not cause heart disease
  •  Processed & Heated Polyunsaturated fats (PUFA's) e.g. sunflower, safflower, corn, etc. have been associated with heart disease
  •  High intake of refined carbohydrates, e.g. white flours & sugars, have been associated with heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, etc.
  •  Grass-pastured beef has a significantly higher level of total omega-3 than grain-fed beef
  •  Grass-pastured beef has a significantly higher level of total CLA than grain-fed beef (conjugated linoleic acid, which exhibits potent antioxidant activity)


Remember To...

Choose Your

Fats Wisely

Not All Fats Are

Created Equal!



"Dietary intake of saturated fat is not associated with risk of coronary events or mortality in patients with established coronary artery disease."


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Weight, Hormonal, Digestive & Mood Issues...

All Have a Connection to the GUT! 
(You're probably thinking 'Could it really be that simple??')

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