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How to turn your 'resolution' into your 'health-solution', 7 simple steps

So You've Made 2017 Resolutions!

Lose Weight, Get Healthy,

Start Exercising,

Calm Down?

Are there steps you can take to turn your 'resolution' into life-long

'health-solution'?  What does the science say?

Did You Know...

1. You must be ready to change
2. You must 'believe' you can change
3. You have the power to choose your beliefs
4. Form habits to trump 'will power'
5. Put up 'reminders' until you remember
6. Don't go it alone, be accountable
7. It's not 'all or nothing'
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  • All changes begin with the 1st must be ready to change.  If not, when the 1st temptation comes your way, the excuses will fly and your 'resolve' will go away!

  • We all have our very own beliefs, although most often they've been handed down to us through our environment.  It doesn't mean they're true.  They just are.

  • Whatever our beliefs are we can change them.  You can be successful, You can look great, You can be loved & lovable.  You really do have the power to choose your beliefs. 

  • Will power is only good until you lose it.  But habits are so hard to break, good or bad.  So the key is to make 'new' habits.  It takes time, strategy & patience & of course, belief you can!

  • Strategy can be as easy as putting a note on your bathroom mirror or fridge to 'remind' you...not to eat that donut (or even buy it), or to go out for a 15 minute walk before breakfast or on lunch break or to remember to set your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier to wake up & pack a healthy lunch, etc.

  • When you're writing yourself that note to 'remember' your soon-to-be new habit, call your 'accountability partner' & confirm your next walk, hike, etc.  Don't worry about the weather!  It doesn't have to be 'an excuse', it's not going away so why not learn to dress accordingly. 

  • And remember, it's 'not all or nothing'.  It's just 1 day, 1 action, not an irreversible tragedy!  It's a healthy reminder that your 'habit' was trumped by 'lack of will-power'...just for today!!!