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Depression: Inflammation, Leaky Gut & Nutrient Deficiencies, 7 Contributors

Depression: Inflammation, Leaky Gut, & Nutrient Deficiencies

7 Contributors to Brain-Related Disorders

1. Inflammation (causes, worsens or is a result

2. Microbial Imbalance in the Gut

3. Intestinal Permeability, aka Leaky-Gut

4. Gastrointestinal Inflammation

5. Nutrient Composition

6. Nutrient Deficiencies

7. Sleep Disturbance or Insufficient Sleep

7 Ways to Improve Depression & Brain Health (click each link below to learn more)

1. Eat Glycine-Rich Foods to Improve Gut Health
2. Eat Enough Protein, Not Too Much & Not Too Little
3. Eat Fermented Foods
4. Treat SIBO Before Taking Probiotics
5. Avoid Gluten
6. Exercise Outdoors in the Sunshine
7. Get Sufficient Sleep