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Digestion Issues, Week 1: 7 Symptoms & 7 Solutions for Leaky Gut

7 Symptoms of 'Leaky Gut'
a.k.a. Intestinal Permeability

1.  Bloating, Chronic Diarrhea or Constipation

2. Mood Issues and/or Depression
3. Food Sensitivity or Allergy
4. IBD, IBS, Poor Immune System Function
5. Fatigue-Chronic
6. Nutrient Deficiencies
7. Allergies


7 Solutions for Leaky Gut
a.k.a. Intestinal Permeability
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Bone Broth for Healing & to Improve Gut Health
2. Avoid Processed Foods & the Standard American Diet
3. Eat Fermented Foods & Probiotics
4. Take Supplements to Heal & Enzymes for Digestion
5. Avoid Gluten & Improperly Prepared Legumes
6. Get Tested for Food Sensitivities
7. Learn to Control Stress