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Optimal Health can be achieved!  But it takes the work of a 'health detective'

'S' is for starting out, we work together to determine what are your health-related goals, what are your character strengths, what tools you have employed successfully in the past, and where you are with each goal in the ‘Stages of Change'. We can work together to strategize realistic, achievable health-related goals. 

'I' is for 'information gathering, we will go deeper.  What would a 3 Day Food Diary help you to discover.  How will a Health History Questionnaire reveal important information not contained in the traditional medical history?  Are there 'clues' provided from your Functional Medicine Practitioner from recent traditional blood, urine, or stool testing? 

Remember: Dietary, Lifestyle & Environmental factors have been found to be major contributors to most health issues.  We can partner up to help you to establish new habits that you will love for a lifetime!

Make an appointment and see how s.i.m.p.l.e it can be to obtain Optimal Health!