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Are you interested in losing weight? Or eating better to improve your health? Is it possible that your 'healthy' food choices are making you sick?  Could they be contributing to your 'body burden'?   

So you visit your doctor or Nutritionist because you want to feel better and/or to lose weight.  The Doc or Nutritionist says 'eat more fruit.  Eat more vegetables!  Eat less carbs!  And of course, stay away from fat! But, what if that very fruit, those very vegetables, your very choices are making you sick? 

M is for meal planning' will provide you with more 'clues'. The Dietary Component, we calculate by category how much food you need for your age, gender & activity level.  Carbohydrates: fruit, vegetables, grains, etc. Protein: fish, meat, legumes, etc. Fats: oils, butter, etc.  In addition, using modern technology, we will review fiber & nutrient intake?  Too much or too little!  And finally we will discuss lab tests which will determine if certain foods, etc.are contributing to your health-related issues, or if you have sufficient reserve of the nutrients the body needs for Optimal Health.   

Make an appointment and see how s.i.m.p.l.e it can be to get relief from chronic digestion issues or 'yo-yo' dieting & obtain Optimal Health!