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So you've heard that exercise is good for you?  That we need to move our bodies more’?   But why?  What unique role does exercise play in achieving your goal of ‘Optimal Health’? 

'P' is for physical exercise: HIf you choose to explore exercise we can investigate together, how much is enough in order for you to feel your best, for 'Optimal Health'?  And what 'qualifies' as exercise?  What type of exercise will help you to burn fat and not just calories.  Why should you know your ‘target heart range’? Why is aerobic exercise & in particular weight training so important? What 'extreme' exercises may be contributing to 'chronic fatigue'.  How is exercise connected to gut health? 

Make an appointment and see how s.i.m.p.l.e it can be to introduce exercise into your life and contribute to Optimal Health!