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Classes scheduled throughout the year.  Check back for upcoming classes or email me at simple7nutrition@hotmail.com

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Summer Classes Forming Now! Managing Weight, Stress & Inflammation Successfully!

Are you interested in learning how to successfully lose weight, reduce inflammation & manage stress? Then this new series of classes is right for you: Managing Weight, Stress & Inflammation Successfully! 

We just had graduation day for the Spring Classes.  What a fun time we had!  If you'd like to join the next group classes, summer classes are now forming!  Do you have a group of 4 or more of your friends and family interested in improving their health?  Perfect! Choose the day & time that works best for you and get on the road to Optimal Health!


To register: simple7nutrition@hotmail.com Or Call: 860.488.3809


Thanks Ladies!  It was so much fun!

Thanks Ladies!  It was so much fun!